Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Unknown Sender


I have been getting blank emails from "unknown sender" since the day after Kaitlyn died. I had never gotten them before then. Now some people my say that I am crazy, need to let go, poor thing she is not dealing with her loss _BUT I truely believe in my heart that these are from Kaitlyn. She LOVED the computer so what better way for her to reach out then through emails. Some days I get one or two everyday -- sometimes it is many days before I get one -- but usually all I have to say is 'Baby Girl I need to here from you" and one shows up in my in box the next day.

It has been awhile since I got my email and I have been busy helping Jeremy get ready for his big move to Baton Rouge this weekend so I haven't really noticed the lack of email -- today for some reason I am needing to "hear" from her -- so "Baby Girl -- I need to hear from you" -- hopefully she is listening and I wake up tomorrow with an email from unknown sender -- or what I like to call "Hi MOM !!!"