Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn

This past week has been bittersweet for me. Kaitlyn's 17th birthday was Feb 7th. It was a very weird day for me -- surreal -- just as bad as when I first realized that she is NEVER coming home again.

We spent time on Wednesday with her friends -- had a good time remembering Kaitlyn. On Saturday we did a balloon release at a local park --

When will this get better I keep asking myself -- when will I get through the day without crying -- without wanting to just scream -- without wanting to just HIT something. I just don't want anymore -- I don't want to go to work -- I don't want to have to deal with the pain -- I don't want to go visit my daughter at the cemetary -- I don't want to wake up each day and realize that this was not a bad dream --

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Lesli...Austin and Ryan's Mom said...

Cheri, Today is Valentines Day, so find old valentines Kaitlyn made in grade school....I did and it comforts me.